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4 Tricks To Figure Out If A Potential Business Partner Is The Right Fit

By Madison 0 Comment May 27, 2019

I met a current business partner, Brian Evans, on an online forum for internet marketers. All I knew about him was what I’d learned through forum posts and a few direct messages, but we took the leap and decided to do a small campaign together. I’d never met the guy, never talked to him on […]

6 of the Toughest Lessons to Learn When Starting a Company

By Madison 0 Comment May 26, 2019

In the uber-competitive startup world, surviving is a success in itself. Conventional wisdom says that . So founders, listen up: Before starting a company and envisioning your new business as the next headline-making unicorn, consider all the hard work—and luck—it takes to even . Many aspiring entrepreneurs love to picture the finish line, but rarely account […]

5 Lessons I Learned Selling Products On eBay At 15-Years-Old That Made Me A Successful Entrepreneur

By Madison 0 Comment May 24, 2019

I was enthralled when the first The Fast and The Furious film came out. Like most boys my age, I got excited about the idea of modifying engines and tricking out cars. I was gearing up to get my learner’s permit and ready to hit the roads. As I sat in school, all I could […]

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Startup Capital

By Madison 0 Comment May 23, 2019

In the world of startups, it’s survival of the fittest. According to a Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy , only 50% survive after five years – and only one-third make it to the 10-year mark. A lack of capital is one of the primary reasons startups fizzle within the first few years, so learning […]

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Prospecting

By Madison 0 Comment May 22, 2019

Even if your business offers a revolutionary product, without acquiring new customers your company is doomed to fail. That’s why sales representatives play a key role in building a successful brand. Not only do sales reps garner customers and investors, they also do the leg work of tracking down leads and prospects. What is sales […]

How to Increase Productivity: 5 Ways to Eliminate Distractions at Work

By Madison 0 Comment May 20, 2019

At work, and especially as an entrepreneur, distractions that derail your productivity are everywhere. At any given moment, it can feel like you have 100 things to do, along with 100 different people and projects vying for your attention––and how is a person supposed to get anything done in an environment like that? Understanding how […]

How to Manage Fear as a First-Time Entrepreneur

By Madison 0 Comment May 19, 2019

The biggest barricade preventing most people from starting a business is fear. This is especially true for first-time entrepreneurs. Will I be able to get clients? Can I sustain myself on this? What will my family say? Will I have the time? What will my friends think?  What if I fail? Many people get too […]

Starting From Zero – 6 SEO Essentials for Startups

By Madison 0 Comment May 17, 2019

Knowing where to begin with SEO for startups can be a real head-scratcher. I witness this first hand with the clients I work with. They have an idea of the keywords they want to rank for, but they’re often unsure of how to get there. Then there’s the issue of prioritizing finite resources. As a […]

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting A Startup

By Madison 0 Comment May 16, 2019

Entrepreneurs once had the luxury of setting strategies and slowly tinkering to perfect them—but not anymore. Today, we’re in a much less forgiving startup ecosystem. If your competitor with a product, they can get it in front of hundreds of thousands of people via the internet and social media in a day. Whatever your idea, […]

San Diego Tech Companies Series: The Mafia Part 3

By Madison 0 Comment May 14, 2019

got swept into the mania the first week of August 1999, just after the digital music pioneer’s highly successful IPO. The environment at was electric and a huge infusion of cash had produced a hiring frenzy. Walpole joined as a 23-year-old quality assurance engineer, surrounded by coding icons like Josh Beck, , […]