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San Diego Tech Companies Series: The Mafia Part 2

By Madison 0 Comment May 13, 2019

One thing was really good at was attracting top-tier talent from around the country and across different industries, from music/entertainment gurus in LA to tech players in Silicon Valley. One of them was, who had deep roots in the entertainment industry with heavyweights such as Sony Pictures, Disney, and Universal. Becoming’s Director of […]

San Diego Tech Companies Series: The Mafia Part 1

By Madison 0 Comment May 11, 2019

When Billy Idol first walked into’s San Diego offices, his first words were, “Screw the record labels!” It’s a day that executive remembers well. “A lot of people were interested in what we were doing,” he says. Rebellious of the convention, led a digital music revolution in the late 1990s that not only […]

The Hidden Benefits of Launching Your Tech Startup in Latin America

By Madison 0 Comment May 10, 2019

Over the last five years, the Latin America tech industry has started to gain a reputation as a solid startup launchpad. It’s tempted more local founders to stay closer to home, and more foreign founders to search for new opportunities in the land of El Dorado. Our experience launching in the Latin America tech industry […]

Crunchbase Insights Now in LinkedIn Pages

By Madison 0 Comment May 8, 2019

As part of the recent , we’ve worked closely with LinkedIn to integrate relevant funding insights and key investor information directly within a company’s LinkedIn Page. Now, LinkedIn members will be able to see Crunchbase insights directly on the LinkedIn Page for any company that has an active Crunchbase profile, providing members with quick access […]

Are Your Sales Prospecting Techniques Out of Date?

By Madison 0 Comment May 7, 2019

Defined as the act of finding and approaching potential customers, sales prospecting is often the lifeline of a successful company. Providing a helpful product or service is important, but finding the people that need that product or service is just as important. Over the course of time, sales prospecting techniques have evolved, largely as a […]

6 Avoidable Mistakes That Stifle Great Customer Feedback

By Madison 0 Comment May 7, 2019

If you want to understand some of the pitfalls of product management, take a look at this cartoon. It gets me every time because it’s so spot-on. While it might seem like an irrationally complex path to the simple tire swing, it’s true that companies often miss the mark when trying to understand a customer’s […]

Should You Consider Strategic Investors When Raising Venture Capital?

By Madison 0 Comment May 5, 2019

Strategic investors can be a valuable source of capital, but are they critical? No, . What is a Strategic Investor? , also known as corporate venture capital firms, are defined as corporations that make venture investments. Some notable strategic investors include , , , , and . The view is that these investors provide not only capital, but also […]

Don’t Waste Time on Dead Sales Leads: The 3-Minute Guide on How to Identify Dead End Leads

By Madison 0 Comment May 5, 2019

Not every sales prospect is created equal. As a salesperson, there will be many occasions when you pitch to an uninterested prospect. Trying to sell your product or service to dead sales leads wastes your time and energy. 5 ways to know if you have dead sales leads on your hands Here are some of […]

What Percentage Do Venture Capitalists Take? Average VC Ownership of 105 Tech Companies

By Madison 0 Comment May 4, 2019

Prior to asking what percentage of my company should I give to investors, it’s helpful to know what percentage do venture capitalists take on average. We looked at the venture capitalist percentage ownership of 105 tech companies at the time they went public. The goal was to determine what percentage do venture capitalists take on […]

The 1 Secret to Create a Product that Will Dominate the Market

By Madison 0 Comment May 4, 2019

When I was 18, I got thrown out of school for being stupid. Just a few years later, I found out that I didn’t struggle to read because I was a moron—I was just dyslexic. Either way, my only two options at the time were to work in manual labor or start my own company. […]